Range of Services

Set-Ups - we create these diagnostically by default as well as pre-prosthetically for generating foils, splints, and provisional arrangements.

Splints - all kinds of splints, plainly adjusted, Michigan, IKP after RKP, pre-prosthetically for the adjustment of abrasions or defects and for the control of changes of the biting position or necessary liftings of bite, splints according to Prof. Bumann, sports protection.

Full Prosthodontics - after mutual consultation with your practice and the patient in the laboratory of phonetic and esthetic ctiteria (special education) in the system of J.Stuck- S.Allais - after Prof. A. Gutowski or also according to your wishes, requirements and defaults, in any case, however, by a complex polymerisation process (pressure-heat) to optimise the quality of the composite in order to avoid allergic reactions and to exclude residual monomer in the dental prosthesis supplied by us.

Partial Prosthodontics
- simply in composite, as a cast-model or as a complex combined dental prosthesis (telescope, interlock, attachment - confectioned or individual, reasonably priced up to elaborate, depending on the patient's wish and degree of individuality resp. the materials / alloys and the necessary prearrangements).

Crowns and Bridges - the entire range in gold, titanium (milled), NEM cast or milled and, of course, full ceramics - in zircon (also telescopes!!!), pressed ceramics, layered full ceramics for VENEERS or additional VENEERS for angle bodywork or for adjustment of an open front side, of a conical tooth, or similar.

Inlays, Onlays - in gold and ceramics, pressed or layered.

KFO – FKO and Children's Prostheses – We have manufactured these for you in a special laboratory in order to guarantee the optimal quality level.

Implant Prosthodontics - in any forms, alloys, systems, and drill templates, etc. etc.

CAD-CAM - zircon – translucent and shaded/coloured -, titanium, NEM, and composite, also telescopes and, within short, attachments as well.

Mending and remodelling works if practicable.

Patient information on prior consultation with the therapist as well as photographing service and, if required, documentation of work.

Further, in cooperation with the INSTITUT FÜR KRANIOFAZIALE VOLUMENTOMOGRAPHIE of Prof. Axel Bumann for the planning of the diagnostics and the implants as well as for the pre-prosthetic orthodontics or orthodontia and, of course, for patients with jaw joint problems of any kind.